About Salesforce

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Why Salesforce?

Founded in 1999 in a small apartment in San Francisco, Salesforce has grown to be the world’s leading customer relation management (CRM) tool. A CRM system allows companies to track and manage their customer’s interactions to keep their customer relationships on trend. Salesforce allows its customers to tailor the tool to their business’s unique needs. There is a shortage in the talent gap, and companies need professionals that will help them tailor the CRM to address their specific needs. 

Salesforce brings customers and companies together. Helps companies sell smarter and faster, connects every commerce channel, creates more engaging marketing, and uniquely defines user experience. Salesforce customers have seen increases in productivity, sales, revenue, and a better forecasting. Over 150,000 companies are growing their businesses with Salesforce, including Fortune-500, mid-size companies, and start-ups.

High technology.

The Salesforce technology helps companies and people create more jobs and brings communities together. Salesforce has an inclusive community of over 10 million Trailblazers. With free online learning from Trailhead, companies and individuals keep themselves and their employees informed and educated on the latest scoop in Salesforce. Trailhead is a great platform to teach people the necessary skills to improve their companies and careers. 

The Salesforce platform’s metadata-driven architecture provides developers the ease of developing basic tasks without needing to write code. The low-code, no-code platform has many declarative tools to help developers move faster and build more in less time. This makes the platform user friendly, and imperatively avoids any code errors that may have an impact on a company’s data security. The giant cloud computing solution has a multi-tenancy where companies share the cloud, and security plays a major role in Salesforce, so protecting data without owning a data center saves companies time and money. 

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