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SF Academy

SF Academy is growing rapidly. There is an immense talent gap in the industry, and we have formed SF Academy to fill this need. Searching for a new career can be an impediment, but as SF Academy we relate, and we help our students overcome obstacles. We come from the same background, we changed our careers and now it is our chance to help others do the same.
When we were training for our dream jobs, we’ve volunteered to be mentors and we worked hard to make sure our mentees would be the best they could be at their jobs. We brought every inch of that knowledge and experience into a new, and innovative learning path. SF Academy now is bigger, brighter, and more professional because we turned our passion into something that would help thousands with their dream job placement. Salesforce has high job satisfaction, and we want everyone who is interested to take advantage of this talent gap. We teach, so you can learn and implement what you learn for life.

All you need is us.

We bring technology, innovation, ideas, mentors, students, and instructors together, so learning everything with ease brings you one step closer to your next job in the salesforce industry. Our seasoned team of instructors, co-instructors, mentors, and coaches are available to help you on the go. We have additional office hours, Q&A sessions, and what we call Einstein hours to help you even get one-and-one help when needed. Once you learn everything you need to be successful, we help you find the job that best suits all your skills. We are here to close the salesforce talent gap and we trust that you are ready to let us help you get there. 

Our Courses Include the Following:

  • We start by teaching you the basics. 
  • We help you lead the way with trailheads.
  • We provide a real job environment with intricate scenarios to help you solve critical issues, so you can impress employers with your unique problem-solving skills.
  • Our real-world environment will also teach you how to apply Agile ceremonies.
  • We have live classes. 
  • We also have recordings to keep you on track.
  • You are never left behind with a question mark on your mind.
  • Our classes are held with multiple instructors to give you the opportunity to ask questions on the go.
  • Our weekly projects keep you steadfast and motivated.
  • By the end of the courses, you will be ready to obtain the Salesforce administrator or developer certifications.
  • We have interview preparations to keep you informed and knowledgeable before your first interview.
  • Innovation is what we do best, so rest assured knowing you will be on trend with the latest technology in Salesforce.
  • Got hired and still have questions or skills needed to learn?
We are here to continue to help you with our alumni programs and one day trainings on new technologies, tools, and important updates in the Salesforce industry.

No IT Background Necessary

There are no pre-requisites for starting our Salesforce bootcamp. If you are motivated for a career change, and are driven to learn new concepts, our industry expert instructors and our well-planned curriculum will help you achieve the rest.

Expert-led Hands-on Projects

Salesforce Administration and Developer curriculums are prepared by the industry experts. During your bootcamp journey, you will be working on countless projects to prepare you ahead of your first job in Salesforce.
The projects are based on real-world scenarios, and you will be working in groups with our instructors always ready to help you solve any issues on the spot.

Get Certified by Salesforce

Our bootcamp is geared towards helping individuals learn the skills necessary to pass both the Salesforce Administration and Developer exams. Along with our stellar curriculum, Salesforce Trailheads help you gain the skills necessary to pass the exams. After you are certified, you can keep your certifications active through the maintenance modules on Trailheads.

High Job

Salesforce saw a 38% rise in its job listings from 2020-2021. There will be 4.2 million new jobs in the Salesforce ecosystem by 2024. Salesforce is repeatedly listed as one of the top 25 best jobs. An average Salesforce developer salary is $108K in the United States.

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